One Can Only Adjust One’s Sails

They say, “one can not control the winds, only adjust one’s sails.”

Thus, I always try to ask myself, “who is manning my ship?”

If the storm is harsh, thrashing an already tattered boat? Acknowledge it. These times teach us. How to stay on deck when your boat is sideways. When to turn into or away from the waves. Who to bring aboard with you; who is your First Mate.

The storms after all, are what teach us how to adjust our sails.

Only then do we fully value when the sea is calm and the breeze is light. Then we know when we can walk away from the helm, stand on the deck, breathe and take in the beauty & possibility of everything around us. This is the time when our mind settles, daydreams flow, ideas spark, plans made, and enlightenment makes itself available.

Be it the darkest, most devastating storm or the most beautiful sunset over a peaceful sea, I always want to be at the helm of my ship.

~ Nicole Forbes, AKA Livehappy8
Founder of Violet Crown Consulting


I love this metaphor – It makes perfect sense to me. I take it to heart and think of it often even though the irony is, I’ve never been at the helm of an actual sailboat.

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